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Actualizing Your Vision; Branding your Genius & Living Your Purpose

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Be inspired and compelled to identify and use your skills, gifts, talent, knowledge and life experience so you can live in your purpose. Perhaps you never thought of branding/packaging your genius, knowledge and the above as a business, mission or ministry. These speakers also provide key life, mindset and business strategies and branding tips to help you do the same. I believe this summit series is a catalyst and motivational tool that will push and empower you toward your vision and purpose. It's time for someone to:

*Start that ministry
*Pursue your dreams
*Launch that vision
*Write that book
*Start that brick & mortar or online business
*Launch that non-profit or mission
*Open that practice
*Begin that passion project
*Share your story as a speaker or author
*Brand/Package/Monetize your concepts; genius, brilliance, knowledge and experience
*Create that Product



Your Instructor

Cheryl Yolanda Howard
Cheryl Yolanda Howard

Cheryl Yolanda Howard, MA, BCPC, QMHP, (pending honorary doctorates in Christian Counseling-December 2019) aka the Inspirational and Empowerment Specialist and Prophetic Speaker. She is the owner of Get Your Life Back Inspirational Life Coaching and its YouTube Channel. Cheryl is a Certified Life Purpose Coach & Wellness Coach, Certified Pastoral Counselor, Healthy Relationship Consultant, ordained minister, Mental Health Professional. She has a passion for helping to build up and Inspire others on how to Breakthrough Barriers/Re-purpose/Redesign their lives while using a Christian world view to usher them toward their purpose and passion. She serves through strategizing, coaching, counseling and ministering. She's a Best Selling Author, Licensed Cosmetologist and Entrepreneur. For more info visit her website


Cheryl has a MA in Human Services Counseling from Liberty University-VA, a MA in Theological Studies from Liberty University School of Divinity, and two years of graduate study in Clinical Social Work at Fordham University School for Social Services-NY and a certification in Pastoral Counseling from the International Board of Christian Professional & Pastoral Counselors. She has written columns for the Examiner online journal as NY Christian Examiner and Richmond Natural Beauty Examiner and is currently a Huffington Post Contributor. Her blogs are: about nurturing self, hair, families, relationships and offering products and more, full of inspirational videos, posts and resources, and for mentoring and inspiration for Female Teens. Cheryl's Motivational and Inspirational Podcasts on SoundCloud.

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As a gift and tool to help you discover your inner genius, talent, skill-set, strengths and gifting that's connected to your purpose, I present my digital/pdf book, "Purpose Passion Finder Journal" (workbook/guide) as a free download. It's valued at $15.00 but now included in this course/webinar for students. Many people even use it to help them monetize their experiences and aforementioned attributes, and walk into their purpose. You can do the same. The paperback is also available for $15 at Get Your Back shopping cart.

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