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This digital Self Care Audit Workbook was designed to encourage you to practice self-care by paying attention to all aspects of yourself. In words, loving and nurturing on yourself holistically (mind, body, soul, spirit and relationships). This workbook is also used in Cheryl's Self-care workshop on Get Your Life Back Academy where you will be able to peruse other courses, summits and workshops.

* There are moments where we have to put ourselves FIRST in order to care for others. There is NOthing wrong with treating yourself good!!! Let's live life to the fullest with God's help!

* Sometimes we lose focus by distractions, catastrophic situations such as the one we're facing now, etc., This Self-care Audit is a community effort to encourage US all to pay more attention to ourselves, love on ourselves, know when to retreat/relax, pamper ourselves, take better care of our bodies and more.

* Another option, If you don't want to print out the digital copy, you can request to order the paperback copy for ($17.99) so you can either write in it or just to have the workbook because you prefer the touch and feel of a book and turning the pages. Many people do not like reading materials/content online for a long period of time.

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Cheryl Y Howard

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